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Thursday Theater Roundup

"Being Behan," through April 14 in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's Andrews Theatre. ★★★½

From the review: "It is a treat to witness this production, another full-circle collaboration that celebrates the connectedness between two sets of two brothers, and two countries, that are joined, every few years or so, on the stage. What a view." --Ben Siegel


Michael Blasdell, Luther Nelson, Maria Droz and Jimmy Janowski star in Buffalo United Artists "L'Imitation of Life."

"L'Imitation of Life," through April 6 in the Buffalo United Artists Theatre. ★★★★

From the review: "The latest Janowski-Warfield camp-tasia is perhaps the greatest achievement in the eye-roll-inducing, pun-laden, innuendo-ridden brand of camp that BUA and Janowski have been honing for much of the past two decades. I don’t think there was a two-second stretch during the entire production during which the sold-out opening night crowd did not sound like a particularly exasperated Hollywood laugh track." --Colin Dabkowski

James Ivey plays the title role in "Clarence Darrow" in the Manny Fried Playhouse.


"Clarence Darrow," through March 30 in the Subversive Theatre Collective's Manny Fried Playhouse. ★★★½

From the review: "The production, directed by Tom Loughlin, provides a breathless tour through Darrow’s life and landmark accomplishments. It ranges from Darrow’s stunning performances, perhaps the most notable of which is his widely re-enacted defense during the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, to his troubled relationships with the unions whose members he worked tirelessly to defend." --Colin Dabkowski

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