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Fassbinder's 'Blood on a Cat's Neck' opening at Torn Space

German screenwriter, actor and director Rainer Werner Fassbinder has been an important influence on Torn Space Theater co-founder Dan Shanahan. The production of Fassbinder’s 1971 play “Blood on a Cat’s Neck” opening tonight will mark the third time Shanahan has produced the work of his artistic inspiration, following “Garbage, the City and Death” and “The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant.” It stars the unclassifiable heroine Phoebe Zeitgeist, a visitor from the moon who is alternately perplexed and enraged by the strange behavior of the desperate Earthlings she discovers.

—Colin Dabkowski

“Blood on a Cat’s Neck,” today through May 19 in Torn Space Theater’s home in the Adam Mickiewicz Dramatic Circle and Library, 612 Fillmore Ave. $15 to $25. 812-5733 or 

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