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Gliere fans worldwide buzz about BPO performance


By Mary Kunz Goldman

The Gliere Society on Facebook is buzzing about the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's Carnegie Hall performance of their hero's Symphony No. 3. 

It has only 33 members so far but then they are picky; you have to be approved in order to join.

I love the thought of this society focused on this late-Romantic Russian composer, pictured above. The Gliere Society has a bunch of scholarly types who exchange information and rumors on Gliere performances. I have already been in touch with the man who seems to be the chief Gliere-head, a gentleman named Kirill Novosselski who lives in Moscow. The Internet, got to love it!

One Gliere fan, Ed Schweibacher, describes Gliere's Symphony No. 3 thus: "414 score pages in 4 volumes. Ideally over 100 instrumentalists, including 5 trumpets and nine horns, plus two harps and a full percussion battery. Over 75 minutes of music. Like hearing 'Zarathustra' and 'Heldenleben' back-to-back!"

He is talking about Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" -- the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey" -- and "Ein Heldenleben," or "A Hero's Life."

Schweibacher, who lives in Rochester, attended the BPO's Friday morning performance of the piece. He has been providing details of it to the folks in Russia, who are full of questions.

A Gliere fan in Utah is reputedly flying in from Salt Lake City specifically to catch the BPO's Carnegie Hall performance.

It is the symphony heard 'round the world!


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