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New York Times is impressed by BPO

By Mary Kunz Goldman
The Buffalo ensemble, founded in 1934 and previously led by luminaries like Michael Tilson Thomas, Julius Rudel and Lukas Foss, came this year with a program suited to any concert-music connoisseur. JoAnn Falletta, the orchestra’s music director since 1999, paired two works that showed contrasting facets of life and art in the Soviet Union: “Morning Prayers,” by the contemporary Georgian composer Giya Kancheli, and the Russian composer Reinhold Glière’s Symphony No. 3 (“Ilya Muromets”).


Reviewer Steve Smith admires the BPO's performance at Carnegie Hall in a review printed in today's New York Times. The picture that runs with the review is a delight. The looks on the musicians' faces! You can sense their concentration.

That picture must have been taken through the cubbyhole in the Maestro Suite!

As was this picture by the photographer taking pictures for The News, Keith Bedford.


Kudos again to our orchestra for a job well done.

We made a noise in the world!


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