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NY Times explores how the BPO stacks up


By Mary Kunz Goldman

New York Times music writer James Oestreich, who has written before about the Spring For Music Festival at Carnegie Hall (pictured above), has written an interesting assessment of the orchestras performing at this year's festival. 

Besides the BPO, the 2013 installment includes the Detroit Symphony, the Albany Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Going over the programs as Oestreich describes them I am proud of the BPO. Our orchestra's program is cheery compared with the others' ... it's unusual, and tremendously challenging, but not onerous. Much as I admire the Detroit Symphony for tackling four Charles Ives symphonies, that seems to me like kind of a lot to swallow. I prefer our overblown Russian romantic symphony by Gliere. I can't wait to hear it at Carnegie Hall.

It is fascinating to go over the lineup and chew on it. Programming fascinates me. I admire Spring For Music for encouraging the unusual even if I do not always agree with the choices. And it's fun to see how the different orchestras step up to the plate.

Oh, by the way, the New York Times also writes: "The award for civic spiritedness this year should probably go to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, which raised $700,000 from sponsors to cover expenses and has attracted more than 1,500 traveling companions."

We rock!


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