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'She wasn't just crying -- she was sobbing'


By Mary Kunz Goldman

At the Buffalo Airport today, it did not take long to find other Buffalonians headed for Carnegie Hall. Everyone was! That is a neat collage up above, by the way, that we admired on the Internet. The photo of BPO Music Director is by fashion photographer Cheryl Gorski. At left is Gliere, whose huge Symphony No. 3 the orchestra is performing on Wednesday night.

More than 24 hours before the concert, emotions are already running high. People were recalling the last time the BPO played Carnegie Hall, in 2004. We have some repeat attendees!

Joyce Wilson, for one, remembered the impromptu gathering that followed that concert almost a decade ago.

"People were lining up to see JoAnn [Falletta]," she recalled. "She was saying hello to all of them." And she remembered the speech Falletta gave, congratulating the musicians on their performance. "She wasn't just crying," she said. "She was sobbing."

I remember that, too. There is something about Carnegie Hall, something about this atmosphere.

And this time around, with this big symphony, is sure to bring its own memories.

I am sure we will see drama Wednesday night.



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