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Tour T-shirt suggests McCartney date may be pending

According to 97 Rock's Facebook page - and in accordance with rumors that have been circulating for the past ten days or so - evidence is mounting to suggest a Paul McCartney date in Buffalo may be in the offing.

"J.P. reports that a 97 Rock listener flew to Orlando over the weekend to see Paul McCartney, and bought a tour shirt at the show. Look what city is listed on the schedule for August!," reads a post on the classic rock station's page. Attached to the post is this photo, which clearly shows Buffalo listed as an August tour stop on McCartney's "Out There" summer tour.

There have been no official announcements, and the T-shirt does not list a specific Buffalo venue or date. If this turns out to be more than a rumor - or perhaps even a misprinted T-shirt - this summer will mark the first time that McCartney has performed in Buffalo, as a Beatle or otherwise.

Stay tuned for further developments. Here's the image, as posted on 97 Rock's Facebook page. - Jeff Miers

McCartney tour shirt

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