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Butterfly at Picasso Moon


Butterfly performs on Allen Street.

It stands to reason that the first Infringement act I caught this year was extraordinarily bizarre. It consisted of a man, woman and two small children making a gigantic racket with a drum set, guitar and several household items including pieces of wrought iron and what looked to be the discarded top of a pressure cooker. This happened outside of Picasso Moon on Allen Street on a patch of sidewalk that also contained several trees whose trunks had been covered with knitted material, as if to keep them warm --- or yarnbombed, as the kids say.

Initially, I was pretty unimpressed with the act, which seemed to me a slightly more technically advanced version of what I used to do with the contents of my mother's kitchen when I was a kid. The more I watched, though, and the more the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves, it grew on me. By the time the guy pictured was slamming a recycling bin full of random metal objects repeatedly onto the pavement and creating a glorious clatter that echoed all around Days Park, I had a smile on my face. Here's a short Instavideo of the performance:

Later tonight, I'm catching Torn Space Theatre's production of "Uncle Vanya" in the DNIPRO Ukranian Center. Look for a review sometime later this evening.

--Colin Dabkowski


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