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Infringement Daily Planner: Day 4


Pac Man Park, an interactive Pac Man performance, comes to Day's Park at 2 p.m. today.

Here are some picks for today, the fourth day of the Buffalo Infringement Festival:

Adam Giancarlo, a singer-songwriter in the Cat Stevens mode whose work often deals with social and political struggles, is the sort of musician the Infringement Festival was built for. He'll be performing a set in El Buen Amigo at noon today. Here's how he describes his work: "My music has innumerable influences, and has been compared to the likes of Cat Stevens and Jack Johnson. The style is folk rock for the most part with some blues and ballads. The content of the lyrics ranges from personal struggles and conflicts to social and political commentary to love and desire."

• The start of Giancarlo's set also coincides with the start of the People's Park Hip Hop Blowout, just one of many tough Infringement conflicts that have to be sorted on the basis of your own personal preference. The concert features five hip hop acts, including that rapper named d and Walt Dizziness.

• Infringement would not be Infringement without the College Street Block Party, an event that predates the festival by some years. It is a raucous neighbrhood affair, with a stage set up at the intersection of College and Allen, a great neighorhood vibe and all sorts of visitors who have been known to dance like no one's watching (thanks to Buffablog for alerting me to this awesome video).

• Just judging by the description, today's live Pac Man game in Days Park, an outgrowth of the 8BitBuffalo show I wrote about on Friday, seems guaranteed to be a blast. It runs from 2 to 4 p.m. today and repeats at the same time on Aug. 4.

• Bourbon and Coffee, an open-mic/jazz performance/poetry reading that seems to hearken back to some imagined ideal of beatnik culture, was one of the most memorable events I stumbled across during last year's festival. Fortunately, they're back in action this year, performing from 6 to 7 p.m. today in Burning Books on Connecticut Street.

--Colin Dabkowski


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