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A 'Dazzlingly Inappropriate' night at Infringement

Earlier tonight, I caught Sebastian Black's show "Mind to Mind" in a new venue I'd never ventured into before, Coming Home Buffalo: The Gallery Next Door.

Black, who recently moved to Buffalo from New York City and who I suspect we'll be seeing a great deal more of, is one of at least two mentalists participating in the festival this year.

His show is all about audience participation and psychic tricks, two things I don't ordinarily go in for. But his presence stage presence, and the fact that he was dead-on in his predictions (including guessing the name of my boyfriend and Marilyn Monroe, which I had scribbled on a card and inserted into an envelope that was as far as I could tell opaque) made the show engaging from start to finish.

I caught up with Black after the performance for a short conversation about his talent, his plans for Buffalo and, perhaps most importantly, his philosophy for dealing with skeptics like myself:

After Black's show, I ambled down Allen Street where I caught a little bit of a performance from a band called Birdie Cree, which is named after the baseball player. Here's an Instagrammed snippet of their performance:

Tonight was the long-awaited night for Janna Willoughby-Lohr and Cat Sinclair's show "Dazzlingly Inappropriate II" in Rust Belt Books, and it absolutely lived up to its title. Most of the things that happened there (and most of the photos and video I took) are not appropriate for the blog of a family newspaper. For me, the highlight of the freeform evening -- which included improv comedy, a riotous list of pickup lines delivered by Sinclair in outrageous Ron Jeremy drag and theater-wide game of Mad Libs -- was Willoughby-Lohr's performance of an original song recounting an embarrasing experience involving stumbling across some of her father's pornography when she was a teenager. Because of the language, I hesitate to post it here, but you can watch it on Youtube.

The two pictures I shot that are likely to make it past the censors show an audience member completing an interactive (and dazzlingly inappropriate) coloring exercise before the show and Willoughby-Lohr and Sinclair in their ridiculous improv comedy getups:



Outside of Rust Belt, I also spied one of the more creative advertisements for an Infringement show I've ever seen, for "The Cashier's Manifesto," at 7 p.m. Saturday in Casa De Arte:


Stay tuned to the Gusto Blog for more as the festival enters its final days.

--Colin Dabkowski


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