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Watch the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus' new director in action


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Erin Freeman, the newly named director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus, has made several high-profile appearances in Buffalo. There are also a few nifty videos of her on YouTube that give you an idea of her style.

In the clip up above, she offers an introduction to Mozart's Requiem. 

She has a nice touch, explaining this uber-serious music with in a light, understandable fashion. One thing, she says that "according to legend," a mysterious stranger asked Mozart to write this Requiem. That wasn't legend. That actually happened! Then again it never hurts to say something was according to legend, and Mozart's early death has become legend, no doubt about that. The main thing is, I am struck by Freeman's sincerity. She said to me, by the way, that this video was pretty much impromptu. She told the chorus -- this was filmed down in Virginia -- that the cameras would be rolling and just go with it. They did.

Freeman has a unique way of operating and her presence here should be an adventure.

I bet she will write about her Buffalo appointment at some point on her blog. I will report!


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