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Daemen College welcomes a new sculpture

Students roaming the campus of Daemen College now have some new eye-candy to look at, in the form of a recently installed sculpture by the Western New York artist Ellen Steinfeld. Here's a look at the new piece:

EllenSteinfeldSculpture atDaemen

The metal sculpture, called "Flux," is part of an effort at Daemen to bring its students into contact with more visual art. In a statement announcing the college's acquisition of the sculpture, Daemen President Gary A. Olson sang its praises:

"The arts are an essential part of life in our community," he said in the statement. "This bold work by Ellen Steinfeld, whose art has been exhibited across the nation, is representative of our goal to magnify the place of the arts at Daemen College, and in the community."

Steinfeld's work was also the focus of a recent exhibition in the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

--Colin Dabkowski


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