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A closer look: Lee Walton's 'Fastball'


Title: "Fastball" // Artist: Lee Walton // CEPA Gallery, 671 Main St. // Through Nov. 23

Lee Walton's installation on the first floor of CEPA Gallery, part of the exhibition "Art of Sport," was designed to be interactive. It consists of nothing more than a pitching machine and some reinforced drywall, which was thoroughly obliterated in the span of a couple hours during the opening reception for the show on Friday night. Gallery workers had to shut the installation down when a ball partially broke through the other side of the wall just inches from the gallery's Main Street-facing window. The simple piece was designed to stress the physical force inherent in a sport that can look rather idyllic when viewed from afar. Judging only by the state of the wall, which looks like it's been hit by a mortar attack, I'd say mission accomplished.

--Colin Dabkowski


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