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A closer look: Craig LaRotonda's 'My Malignant Twin'


Artist: Craig LaRotonda // Title: "My Malignant Twin" // 464 Gallery // Through Nov. 3

Just in time for Halloween, 464 Gallery on Amherst Street has opened its third annual "Monster" exhibition. One of the highlights is Craig LaRotonda's piece above, a characteristically sinister and disturbing painting that evokes a not-so-nice narrative. Here's what LaRotonda had to say about the painting's discomfiting subjects:

"This painting is about brothers who are Siamese twins. One of the twins is evil and the other is good. The good brother must burden the weight of his bad brother who has no legs or arms and is sick. They live in the forest where they can exist unbothered by their unique deformity."

The show runs through Sunday.

--Colin Dabkowski


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