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A closer look: Jozef Bajus' 'Prayer for Olga'


Artist: Joseph Bajus // Title: "Prayer for Olga" // Burchfield Penney Art Center // Saturday through Jan. 19, 2014

There is an irresistible elegance and grace to this simple piece of cut paper by Buffalo artist Jozef Bajus, which will go on view Saturday in the Burchfield Penney Art Center's biennial "Art in Craft Media" exhibition. Bajus, who transforms books and other paper-based objects into tidy and alluring abstract artworks, made the piece in tribute to his wife Olga, who died last November. There are few more compelling reasons to make a piece of art than love and grief, and it seems to me the two combine in this piece to produce something powerful. I don't know the specific motivation of this work, but it is comforting to guess that Bajus tried to insert some of the elegance and grace of his late wife and her excellent work into it.

--Colin Dabkowski


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