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BPO in Top 10 of worldwide orchestra popularity contest


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Pssst, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

This community has got your Bach!

(Bach pictured above.)

The people have spoken in the World's Favourite Orchestra Contest sponsored by Bachtrack, a classical music site. By the way, if Bachtrack designed this to widen the site's readership, it worked for me. That looks like an interesting site, where you can look up operas and concerts going on all over the world -- by area, composer, time and date, artist, anything you like.

The orchestra popularity concert operated by votes. You had to write in your favorite orchestra. With the voting closed now, the results are in.

The Cleveland Orchestra won top spot, with 20 percent of the vote.

The BPO won 7th place.

Before you fret that the ranking could be higher, consider that the health of an orchestra does not necessarily go hand in hand with how many people you can get to email, Facebook, Tweet or whatever. The beleaguered Detroit Symphony is No. 6, and the Minnesota Orchestra, where musicians are still locked out, was in the Top 30, at No. 22.

Here are the Top 10. We are in very distinguished company. We are up there with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra. And we narrowly edged out two world-class European orchestras, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and the Leipzig Gewandhaus, where Felix Mendelssohn was once music director.

Congratulations, fellow orchestras!

Way to go, BPO!


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