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A closer look: Dennis Maher at Hallwalls

Title: "Fargo Furnishing 07: House Part Oscillator" // Artist: Dennis Maher // "A House's Eye: Fargo Frames and Furnishings," Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center // Through Dec. 20

The Buffalo artist and architect Dennis Maher has transformed his house on Fargo Avenue into a museum of architectural oddities and sculptures cobbled together from domestic objects. Some of those objects have made their way to Hallwalls, where a series of Maher's strange combinations of household materials -- both two- and three-dimensional -- are now on view. Above is one of his newest sculptures, a spinning selection of architectural elements and other items with cosmological implications. The whole contraption is run by a power drill, which slowly rotates a system of rudimentary gears, sending Maher's carefully chosen objects into orbit.

--Colin Dabkowski


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