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It's the holiday season? Really?

There's no getting around it now. The advertising on television has begun. (PetSmart, mostly.) The red and green and silver and gold stuff is out in the stores. And this very newspaper has an article running Saturday about the onslaught of holiday movies that is about to begin.

Many of us can live with all of that. But we draw the line at holiday music.

Or do we?

WJYE-FM, which annually starts playing our favorite Christmas tunes while the Halloween candy is still semi-edible, has a poll posted on its website asking listeners when they want to start hearing from Little St. Nick et al. The choices: Now! Never, The Week before Thanksgiving, After Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Today, with a full 53 shopping days until Christmas, nearly 45 percent of respondents said they want it Now!

So for all of you out there complaining, "It's too soon!" the silent near-majority has spoken.

Goodbye autumn. Hello Andy Williams.

 -- Bruce Andriatch

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