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Tap into melodious Mozart Month on New York's WQXR


By Mary Kunz Goldman

WQXR, the legendary New York City classical station, is devoting a lot of November to Mozart. 

The station will be playing oodles of Mozart. I was hoping it was going to be all the time, round the clock Mozart, but it seems they are wedging other music in. Still, worth tuning in to WQXR and see what is going on at the moment.

The always entertaining piano scholar David Dubal presents a lecture in two parts on the fascinating topic of Mozart and Clementi. The two were famously rival pianists and faced off in a contest before the emperor. You can simply click and enjoy David Dubal's lecture. Is this a wonderful world or what? Dubal includes performances by all kinds of great pianists of the past including his own teacher, Arthur Loesser.

As a newspaper gal I was fascinated by this reminiscence about the old New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger and how he didn't like Mozart. Imagine not appreciating Mozart.

Anyway, lots to chew on, and listen to. 

And we are only five days into it!


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