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Chris Kelly's 'Touralouralay' video makes waves

Yes, that mellifluous voice you hear speaking French at the start of this video belongs to Vincent O'Neill, co-founder of the Irish Classical Theatre. Yes, that is local actor Jimmy Janowski and female impersonator Bebe Bvulgari lipsynching in a gritty Buffalo alleyway to the strains of Billy Hough and The X- Loves' song "Touralouralay." And yes, that is the author Michael Cunningham ("The Hours," "A Home at the End of the World") engaging in some risqué behavior with The Albright's keyboardist and vocalist Joseph Donahue.

It continues: Yes, that is Alan Trinca, who played Alex in Torn Space Theater's production of "A Clockwork Orange" earlier this year, drinking wine in the bathtub for no apparent reason. And those backing vocals are indeed coming from Gordon Cano of the Violent Femmes. And assorted other strangenesses.

What is all this about? It's a long-simmering video project released this morning by local director Chris Kelly, who shot the entire thing on a pair of iPhones in Provincetown, R.I. and Buffalo. Its meaning is, well, elusive, but its cult appeal is pretty much immediately evident.

It's already been picked up by the LGBT blog Towleroad, which called it "a musical tale of gay love, marriage, booze, drugs and betrayal," and by Take a look.

--Colin Dabkowski





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