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A closer look: Laurie A. Tanner's 'Unravelment'

Hi res unravelment

Artist: Laruen A. Tanner // Title: "Unravelment" // Through March 1 // Pausa Art House

Music is the underlying factor in this mixed-media painting by Laruen A. Tanner, who, in the long tradition of visual artists inspired by music (two of many local examples include Charles Burchfield and Catherine Parker), has been hard at work transposing rhythms and melodies into brushstrokes and collage. For me, the composition above evokes the sound of sharp steel or of some distant, high crystalline melody caught in mid-crescendo on its way to an explosion of blaring brass -- maybe something by Respighi. Of course, that's probably reading too far into it, but such is the fun of these kinds of abstract pieces, which act as a screen for the viewer's imagination as much as the artist's intention.

Here's a bit from Tanner's statement: "I describe my artwork as possessing an ethereal and often visceral quality, which is partly inspired by the music I obsessively enjoy and employ as inspiration for my work," she writes. "When I am creating mixed media collage pieces I search for imagery in my environment that resonates the ethereal and feminine quality of nature. I typically involve language and lyrics in my mixed media collages to further express my deep connection with music and its influence on my creative work."

--Colin Dabkowski


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