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Where in the World is JoAnn Falletta?


By Mary Kunz Goldman

It is time for another round of this fascinating game!

The Buffalo News has established email contact with Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director JoAnn Falletta and she is .... where?

It is a capital city, founded in the year 1200. It has a venerable music conservatory. The head of that conservatory ...


... was a guest conductor at the BPO in 2011. And displayed an exciting, no-nonsense style: As the review stated, "Ten minutes before show time, the stage of Kleinhans Music Hall was crowded with musicians frantically practicing."

A statue of a mermaid stands in the city's marketplace.


Here is a picture of the city. We are running it big so you may study it closely!


A closeup showing the city's interesting and romantic architecture.


We now break for a hint from JoAnn herself. She says: "What an incredibly beautiful time to be here. Christmas is celebrated with incredible joy here."

Got it yet? JoAnn Falletta is in ...
She is in ...
OK, now this will give it away. Here is a composer associated with this town.
Falletta also tells us that the concert she is conducting in this historic city is honoring the 100th anniversary of Witold Lutoslawski and the 80th birthday (to the day, she points out) of Henryk Gorecki.
These are all famous Polish composers. JoAnn Falletta is in ...
She is in Warsaw, Poland, where she is conducting the Warsaw Philharmonic. The composer in the painting is Frederic Chopin and the conductor who was here was Antoni Wit. This weekend Falletta is conducting music of Lutaslawski ("Twenty Polish Carols"), Ravel, Poulenc and Gorecki.
The Lutaslawski, heard here in a Polish performance, is lovely.

Falletta will be back in Buffalo in time to conduct our Holiday Pops.
She is having a most colorful December!



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