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A closer look: Accidental environmental art at 1 News Plaza

Artist: Unknown // 1 News Plaza

On my way into work this morning, I stumbled across this series of bootprints, most likely left in the melting snow by one of my fellow Buffalo News employees. Since we've been seeing a lot more environmental art lately -- such as artist Andy Goldsworthy's temperamental "Path" installation at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery -- I thought it made sense to highlight one of the many accidental artworks we make on a daily basis. It's likely that the person who created this eye-catching impression of a six-footed monster outside the News' lobby did so merely out of boredom and didn't think of it as art. But I like to think of art as anything at all that adds a moment of intrigue or beauty to the day, anything human-made thing that counfounds your ideas and expectations about what surrounds you. I think that's true whether the creator thinks of it as art or not. If you have your own examples of accidental art you've run across this winter, please post links in the comment section.

--Colin Dabkowski


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