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A closer look: Tom Holt's Instagrammed drawings

Artist: Tom Holt // Daily Instagram drawings //

For Tom Holt, drawing appears to be compulsory. As we all feel compelled to drink or breathe, so Holt feels compelled to break out his pen and fill his journals with all kinds of imaginative scrawlings. These range from darkly filigreed phrases about impending misery to strange and often mildly disturbing illustrations of humanesque figures engaged in strange and inscrutable activities. Holt was at one time best known for his graffiti but, at least by his own official account, has since moved his artistic activity entirely into the legal realm. (Some of his legal street art work can be seen on the side of 224 Allen Street.) In a 2013 show in Studio Hart, Holt gave viewers a glimpse into his working process by displaying many of his sketch pads and drawings, which serve as an abstract record of his own life and struggles. Some people go to therapy. Some people complain to their friends. Some people keep it all bottled up inside. Tom Holt draws.

And because of his output, the texture and tone of which changes with the artist's mood and with the weather, Instagram is the perfect way for Holt to disseminate his drawings. His stream is a must-follow.

--Colin Dabkowski


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