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Echoes of Kathryn Lynch on a Philly street

Winter Weather.JPEG-03d03

A lone pedestrian pulls a bag while crossing Market Street in downtown Philadelphia as light snow falls Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

Every once in a while you see a photo or a street scene that violently jolts some dormant part of your memory, just as whiff of perfume or a certain spice can instantly transport you back to a pinpoint-specific moment in time.

Just now, while I was filing through some photos in our system for a story about Brian Grunert's latest Grammy-nominated package design, I stumbled across an AP photograph of an umbrella-clutching Philadelphian crossing a snowy intersection that took me immediately back to the corner of Spring and Varick streets in New York City, where I'd gone back in 2007 to report a story about the artist Kathyrn Lynch.

Lynch, whose studio was nearby, had spent long hours peering at that intersection through a foggy window and executing a series of beautiful and haunting sketches that suspended the shuffling pedestrians she saw in stark black charcoal. Some of those drawings were on view in Nina Freudenheim Gallery, and one of the New Yorkers I talked to said she liked the idea that she might someday end up on the wall of a Buffalo gallery.

Here's one of Lynch's untitled drawings, which could have been based on a perspective just like the one above:

Kathryn Lynch Rain Man at Nina Freudenheim

Read more about what Lynch has been up to since 2007 here.

--Colin Dabkowski


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