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Hallelujahs for Renee Fleming and her Super Bowl gig


By Mary Kunz Goldman

Renee Fleming, above, is getting shouts of "Brava!" for singing the National Anthem at the upcoming Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

The story on Yahoo! News is eliciting comments that can pretty much be translated to "Viva la Diva." 

"Thank God! How many horrible renditions have we had to endure over the years? Love her voice!"

"At least we won't have Pop Divas taking one syllable words and turning them into 50 syllable words spanning four octaves."

"Finally, they have someone with talent."

"A real singer singing our National Anthem. Refreshing."

"I think this is great! I hope she sings it as written. Opera singers have incredible voices!"

Best of all...

"Wait a minute, they're having someone who can actually sing perform the anthem? This is a breaking a long standing tradition!"

Renee Fleming, who is from Rochester, has sung here in Buffalo a number of times, including opening the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season in 2002 and 2006. She is reportedly the first opera singer to have the honor of singing the anthem at the Super Bowl. As we rejoice in this turn of events, here she is singing Mozart's famous "Alleluia."

Hmmmm... a bit like "The Star-Spangled Banner," it builds to a dazzling high note at the end!

Could we maybe hear this at halftime?



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