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Nancy Drew solves another mystery

It’s only natural for parents who love mysteries – from the exploits of Sherlock Holmes to the more grisly stories of "Law and Order: SVU" or "CSI: Miami" – to want to share that love with their kids. But it wouldn’t exactly be responsible to expose impressionable young minds to the unseemly content that increasingly airs on prime-time TV.

What to do? Nancy Drew. The Theatre of Youth’s "Nancy Drew & the Mystery at Lilac Inn," in the Allendale Theatre, features the teen detective engaged in one of her most nail-biting endeavors. True to the formula that has made the franchise so popular and enduring, the story has stolen jewels, suspicious characters, intrepid detective work and a final harrowing encounter.

The play features Kerisa Yvonne Bonville as the title character, along with Arin Lee Dandes, Maria Droz, Danica Riddick, Kerrykate Abel, Joyce Carolyn, Daryl Hart, Kurt Guba and Guy Balotine.

Tickets to the show, which runs through Feb. 16, are $24 to $26. Call 884-4400 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski

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