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Warming trend continues with more fine WNY fireplaces


By Mary Kunz Goldman

This subzero day is the perfect time to rekindle the discussions of the best fireplaces in Western New York, a topic probed in depth on the cover of the recent Gusto.

We also received a very nice note from the Roycroft Inn's Dan Garvey.

"If you ever do a follow-up, I wanted to include the great fireplaces at the Roycroft Inn," he writes. "These are only two of several on the Campus.  One in the Library and one in the Craftsman Lounge." That is the Craftsman Lounge in the picture up above.

"There are also other fireplaces located in the Morris Room and around the entire campus in the Copper Shop, the Print Shop and also the Roycroft Chapel," Dan continues. "They are all magnificent and created in the Arts and Crafts style."

The Roycroft is heavenly and we cannot wait to warm up on one of those hearths.

We also got several notes about the Red Coach Inn in Niagara Falls. Clearly the fireplace at this lovely and legendary venue warms a lot of hearts, not to mention toes at a time like this.

"It's such a beautiful open hearth located in the dining room in a historical inn, that I think it deserved mentioning," writes fireplace connoisseur Lorraine Pasternak. "Living in Buffalo, we love to visit the Falls during the winter.  After a trek through 'America's oldest state park' and witnessing the up close beauty of the rapids, the Inn and its fireplace (across the street) are like a dream! Lunch, snacks and dinner is served, but we have just stopped in for drinks and sat by the fire when seats are available. Since winter is 'off season' for visiting the Falls, it's a great time to go!" 

Another irresistible invitation, and wonderful to contemplate on a frosty day like today. 

Finally a gentleman commented on the story:

"This may be a little further to the east but the Batavia Library also has a magnificent fireplace with surroundings right out of a Gatsby parlor. Plenty of comfortable chairs and a few electrical plugs for those of us who have worked on the road but chose not to do it at a Timmy Hoooo."

You never know when you will find yourself in Batavia. And when we do, we will head right to the library. That would be the Richmond Memorial Library. It looks like quite a pretty place.

These all certainly sound like fine fireplaces.

Would that a giant hand could pick us up and put us down in front of one of them, right now!


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