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A closer look: 'C.E.B In His Own Words'

Artist: Charles E. Burchfield // // Every day

Since early last year, the Burchfield Penney Art Center has been featuring a new snippet of text almost daily from its namesake Charles Burchfield, the watercolorist who also happened to be a prolific writer. The feature hsa provided consistently delightful peek into Burchfield's restless mind, his process and his poetic sensibility about the world around him. Today's entry is a perfect example. Here's today's entry, paired beautifully with his 1919 painting "Tree Ghosts":

A heavy snow –
     The snow is intense white
     Brilliant as the sun tho the sky is gray –
     Shadows on the snow pale steel-gray –
     Houses became very intense – What color there is glows like fire, vivid red yellows & blues – Stark brown natural wood becomes a rich velvety black-purple-blue
     Trees against the sky seems to have stubbier thicker branches which are outlines in milky purple
     The snow has slid from some slate roofs in jagged patches so the town is a sharp clutter of black triangles & squares against the vivid white snow.
Charles E. Burchfield, Vol. 33, February 5, 1920

--Colin Dabkowski


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