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A new arts space on Grant Street?


For the past few days, Jason Lloyd Clement, avowed Buffalover and director of community outreach at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has been sending out cryptic Instagram and Facebook posts about a new project he's working on with Buffalo-born artist Casey Milbrand.

The pair has evidently rented a space next to Sweetness7 on Grant Street (above), where a huge heart with "#Buffalove" hashtag hangs behind windows scrawled with a tic-tac-toe board and an intriguing message: "Can't get enough of this place so we rented a space."

What's in store for the space? Clement, who fell head over heels for Buffalo during the National Trust's conference here in 2011, isn't saying. But keep an eye on the Grant Street space, and this digital one, for more info as he and Milbrand reveal their plans.

--Colin Dabkowski


Architecture | Art
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