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Could Renee Fleming kick off a new tradition?

By Mary Kunz Goldman

Renee Fleming sounded beautiful and looked beautiful, as she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl just a few minutes ago.

I would not be surprised if the Super Bowl sticks to opera singers for this all-important job from now on. Since the announcement was made that this opera diva was going to sing the anthem, I have seen no negative comments, not one, and I have kept an eye on the Internet. She sang the anthem wonderfully. It sounded free, not straight-jacketed, but it was dignified and worthy of the occasion. Her high notes were strong and clear. Brava, Miss Fleming! Brava!

Next year they can choose another opera singer. Maybe a man next time, or maybe one of the many fine African-American opera singers out there, to remind people that this art is universal.

Let's take back the reverence of this moment.

We are off to a great start.


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