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New music from the guys from Girlpope

If you’ve read me at all during the 13 years I’ve been here at The News, you most likely know that one of my very favorite bands to have emerged from Buffalo over the past decade-plus is/was Girlpope.

That band’s power-pop/garage-rock blend was documented on a pair of brilliant recordings – “Cheeses of Nazareth” and “The Whole Scene Going” – and celebrated in area concert clubs (mostly Mohawk Place) prior to the band members going their separate ways.

The group splintered into several notable new projects, among them Mark Norris & the Backpeddlers, Son of the Sun and 50 Amp Fuse. These post-Girlpope bands had something strong to offer, but it’s more than nice to see that a new project, conceived and grown in an organic manner, finds Girlpope’s Brandon Delmont and Mark Norris collaborating as the Lindbergh Babies.

The group grew from recordings Delmont made in his studio, performing instrumental takes on songs he’d written. Eventually, those recordings were played for Norris, who offered his own writing and arranging ideas, as well as the majority of the album’s lead vocals. (Girlpope bassist Richie Campagna guests on several tracks as well.)

The result is a distinct departure from Girlpope’s ebullient garage rock, favoring instead gorgeous washes of keyboards, atmospheric production and beautiful melodies that recall the Mercury Rev of “Deserter’s Songs” in spots. The first single from the album, “Only In A Dream (You Set the Scenery)” offers a suitable entry point for this moving collection. You can listen and download the track now through

-- Jeff Miers

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