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A closer look: 'Nightscapes: Into the Darkness'


Artists: Frederick Mount and Zach Rose // Title: "Sun set tree, and the darkness sets in" // "Nightscapes: Into the Darkness," through Friday Sunday // 464 Gallery

Photographers Frederick Mount and Zach Rose consider themselves painters whose preferred medium is light. Their series of enchanting, eerie nocturnal scenes on view through Friday in 464 Gallery are the product of nighttime hikes into the Western New York wilderness, during which they would pause at a certain scene that caught their eye and set about creating their technically complex but ultimately seamless and naturalistic photographs. Later, in Photoshop, several photos would be combined to create the finished product, such as the photograph above, taken in Chestnut Ridge Park.

In an email, Mount explained the process of creating the scene:

When I saw this scene I particular I knew exactly the lighting that I wanted when I saw the stream: The highlighted tree leaning over the low soft rushing stream. I used a technique called light painting. I would use the 10-second timer on my camera and run into the scene, manually setting off my flash, and paint in a small section at a time. This scene is actually a composite of five photos. By using a tripod to keep my camera stable, I was able to take the five photos that lit up different parts of the scene and "paint" them together in Photoshop. This scene is from the Chestnut Ridge eternal flame path.

Below are two more photographs from the series, "Stream, or the rush of the stream in front of you" and "Red bush, the beauty of nature becomes visible to all that care to look."



--Colin Dabkowski


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