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Chalk artist leaves a mark on McKinley Monument


One of these lions is not like the other.

Sometime in the past few days, a chalk artist gave a bit of a makeover to one of the four leonine defenders of the McKinley Monument on Niagara Square. The vaguely sinister, orange and blue eyes,  staring out from the marble lion's snow-capped head toward the Buffalo City Court Building, are making passers-by pause for a moment to stare back.

To my less sinister eyes, these chalk ones strike me as a temporary and therefore mostly harmless modification of a classic Buffalo icon. (Paint, or something more permanent, would be an entirely different story.) They'll likely fade with the next thaw, as the snow now piled atop the statue trickles down the lion's face and washes the chalk away. In the meantime, take a walk past Niagara Square and check out how such a minor modification can renew your interest in an extraordinary monument most of us take for granted.

More pictures of the modified lion:



--Colin Dabkowski


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