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Online feast for Alton Brown fans

If you've ever seen a recipe on Alton Brown's "Good Eats" and wanted to try it out, you've got plenty of company. The Food Network recipe archive is reasonably functional, if you prefer official sites.

But the pick of the litter is the Good Eats Fan Page. There, each episode of the 10-year-old whiz kid of cooking shows is lovingly annotated. Fan-produced transcripts, complete with YouTube video clips, charts, and graphics from the shows make looking up Alton snippets downright easy.

There's even a subject index, to get around Brown's propensity for giving his episodes clever, albeit occasionally hard-to-decipher names.

Plus interviews, questions answered by the man himself, a message board for fans, and sources for some of the interesting little gadgets Brown uses on his show.

You could also go to the star's own site, but it's not nearly as informative.


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