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Acerbic Manhattan food writer gives Buffalo some love

Regina Schrambling has earned a reputation for cutting wit and savage putdowns of American food celebrities and news organs.

In Anthony Bourdain's new book, Medium Raw, he says of Schrambling, who he calls "his favorite villain": "The former New York Times and LA Times food writer and blogger is easily the Angriest Person Writing About Food."

So it was a delicious surprise to see her praise Buffalo's food and more in a recent post to her blog, Gastropoda.

If only someone would realize Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s fantasy of a high-speed rail line from here, half the hipsters in Williamsburg would be settling down in great houses with access to music, art, parks and, especially, food.

She shares thoughts on places and operations including Premier, Marotto's, the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market ("New York quality with New York prices"), White Cow Dairy and Hutch's.

Her "consort," Bob Sacha, is apparently from Kenmore, so they get to town from time to time. She also liked what she saw of a few places in an April 2009 visit, notably the Broadway Market around Eastertime.


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