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Man vs Food visiting Lewiston's The Silo tomorrow

Adam Richman and the Man vs Food road crew are scheduled to visit Lewiston tomorrow. The hit Travel Channel show has set its sights on The Silo, a restaurant built on an old coal storage silo that offers diners unbeatable views of the Niagara River from its deck.

Man vs Food episodes usually involve Richman visiting a town, sampling some of the better local cuisine, and taking on an eating challenge, like a six-pound burrito or bowl of brutally spicy soup.

It's not clear what Richman might be tackling at The Silo, but from the menu, the Silo Haystack, described as a half-pound of steak topped with mozzarella, hash browns and mayonnaise, looks like it'd make him a decent snack.

Silo owner Alan Hastings said he couldn't talk about any Travel Channel visit.


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