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Paladino's palate: DiTondo's, Sinatra's, Chef's on candidate's menu

This just in: Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino, son of an Italian immigrant, really likes Italian food. The New York Times has a story sharing some of Paladino's favorite places to eat. According to reporter Javier Hernandez:

If Mr. Paladino, the rabble-rousing upstate millionaire, has one guilty pleasure, it is fine food — usually fine Italian food. He is a regular in this city’s higher-end haunts, known by servers for his lavish feasts and generous tips. 

DiTondo's, Sinatra's, Chef's, Tempo and 31 Club all get shout-outs.

I suppose the story helps add background detail on a man who could be governor. But let's face it, if you really want to get to know a person, watch them cook - preferably something involved, like a Sunday dinner for family. I'm waiting for the first installment of the Food Network's "HomeMADe as Hell: Cooking with Carl."


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