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Stalking the McRib: Fast food fanatics come clean

I have repeatedly driven an hour out of my way for a restaurant that caught my fancy. Two hours, if I have a chance to get the lunch buffet at the Southeast Asian.

So I'm not sneering at the eaters profiled in the Wall Street Journal's article on the lengths to which people will go for a McDonald's McRib sandwich.

Naturally, there's a website to help co-cravers, where the fortunate can post news of finding their fast food grail.

Why the McRib, though? I crave a good spare rib something awful, but that isn't it. "The McRib actually has nothing to do with ribs," the Journal reports, with admirable directness. "It's a boneless pork patty molded into the shape of a rib slab and adorned with pickles, onions and barbecue sauce on a bun."

But it has nonetheless snared sad souls with its processed protein power.

Ryan Dixon of Burbank, Calif., once drove 10 hours to Medford, Ore., after hearing a McDonald's there was selling the sandwich.

"It has a ghostly quality," says Mr. Dixon, a 30-year-old graphic novelist. "You don't know when it will appear. It's the girl who you are in love with who has always been a tease to you."


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