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Buffalo soul food, Ukrainian style: It's Pierogi Love Night

Woman-walking-by-water Pierogi Love Night 
Ukrainians don't let ice floes stop them from catching some rays.

"Perhaps it's the very discomfort of the climate that makes Ukrainians delight in the outdoors. There's nothing like a walk down the banks of the icy Dnieper River to make one crave the comfort of delicate pierogi," Roma Mandzyk wrote at Buffalo Rising.

Tonight, the Ukrainian-American Civic Center, 205 Military Rd. (877-7200), delivers Ukrainian soul food in the oldest Ukrainian club in the city.

"Resident chef, Mrs. H will have the windows of Buffalo’s oldest Ukrainian social club steamed up from 6 to 11 pm, serving handmade Ukrainian food like pierogi with carmelized onions, stuffed cabbage, and peppery traditional borscht," according to the club's website.

It's $6 for a half-dozen potato, cheese or sauerkraut dumplings, $4 for beef cabbage rolls, $2 for a cup of borscht with dumplings and mushrooms.

There's going to be music and Ukrainian beer, so dancing is in the forecast. (Especially since the reasaonably priced eats will leave plenty of money for drinking.) Budmo!



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