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Food Network's Adam Gertler crunches into Watson's sponge candy

Watson's Chocolates and their Buffalo-style chocolate-covered sponge candy will get their
close-up Monday night on the Food Network.

Adam Gertler, host of "Kid in a Candy Store," visited in December with camera crews for a
two-day shoot of Watson's Tonawanda production facility and the Watson's store on Transit
Road. The Buffalo confectioner will share time in the episode with a California maker of jumbo jawbreakers and a deluxe popcorn company in Las Vegas. 

"That happened because we have a real good customer in L.A. that happens to be the
accountant for the production company that does "Kid in a Candy Store,' " said Watson's
president Whitney Watson Beecher. After a vetting process, the show decided to feature
Watson's in an episode.

After almost 20 hours of shooting the candymaking process, factory, and interviews with
customers, the finished television product will be about seven minutes. "It was a lot of fun,"
Beecher said. "Adam Gertler was really funny, easygoing and down-to-earth."

Beecher can't wait to see it, and suspects her father Jim will be prominent in the
sponge-making segments. His parents started the business in 1946, making her the third
generation of Watsons in charge.

The episode, titled "Crunch Time," runs on the Food Network at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 21.



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