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Sales of grow-your-own fungus kits mushrooming

Here's an intriguing story from the Wall Street Journal on the rising popularity of mushroom kits. Turns out that with a modest amount of fuss, crops of edible mushrooms will grow readily in your house:

To get started, a few days of refrigeration may be necessary for the kit, followed by a soak in water. Then in as little as a week, mushrooms will start to form. Many growers will get multiple "flushes" or fruitings from one kit—which can mean six weeks to six months of mushroom mania.

Mushrooms do well indoors because they like temperatures from 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, "and most people keep their houses in that range anyway," says Donald Simoni, owner of Mushroom Adventures, a Marysville, Calif., maker of mushroom kits.

The story points out that unless you grow outdoors, you'll probably pay more for harvesting your own than buying from the store. (Of course, you might be growing a variety you can't buy from a supermarket.)

Still, for eating local, you can't beat harvesting mushrooms from your kitchen counter.



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