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Online chat with food writer Andrew Galarneau at noon Friday

I'm hosting my first online chat at at noon tomorrow. That's Friday, April 15.

What should we talk about? Beats me. I've never done this before. But when people find out I'm The News' food writer they usually have something to ask.

I'm not the restaurant reviewer, I tell them; Janice Okun remains the newspaper's restaurant critic, though I write about blue-collar places once a month in Gusto's Cheap Eats column. But I have my opinions, like everybody else.

I got a chance to interview food television superstar Paula Deen recently; my story about her will be on the Gusto cover tomorrow. She'll be at Shea's on April 20.

Questions about cooking, local restaurants and anything foodish are welcome.

Note: You can participate without going through the identity verification process, required for leaving comments elsewhere on


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