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'Whole Hog': Eat fine charcuterie, learn to make more

Give a man prosciutto, and you've fed him for a day.

Teach a man to make proscuitto, and he'll probably make capicola, lardo and pancetta first, because they're way faster.

For $55, Chef Bruce Wieszala's "The Whole Hog,"set for April 19, is the deluxe meat lover's special: Get to taste handmade charcuterie, and watch a chef turn a whole pig into curing-ready cuts. Then take home the recipes.

Students will sample prosciutto, capicola, lardo, and pancetta from Bistro Europa, plus chorizo, kielbasa, and more from Spar's European Sausage, Wieszala said.

Wieszala, a cured meat enthusiast who fine-tuned his technique in Italy with his fellow Bistro Europa chef Steve Gedra, will be using a Lockport-raised heritage breed pig for the class.

Wieszala said he'll be "breaking down the hog (including head) into primal cuts, sub-primal cuts, and then specific cuts to go over examples of recipes I'll be covering." Recipes will include prosciutto, pancetta, capicola, bacon, guanciale, coppa di testa, lardo, and fresh Calabrese sausage.

Rich Tilyou of Lockport's T-Meadow Farm, who raised the hog, will talk at the workshop, along with Carmelo Raimondi of Carmelo's Restaurant in Lewiston, who also uses T-Meadow meat. Joe Kennedy of Spar's  will be there too - with samples of his sausage.

There'll be beer, wine, and soft beverages. Food and drink starts at 5:30 p.m., butchering at 6, at Artisan Kitchens & Baths, 200 Amherst St. Get tickets here.


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