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Alton Brown pulls plug on 'Good Eats' - is food policy next?

Alton Brown, the geeky television commercial director who ended up creating the most popular food television of his generation, has announced his main show, "Good Eats," is over.

Here's a Chicago Tribune story on the news. Here's some of the reaction, from Alton lovers and a smaller number of not-fans, at Metafilter.

What's next? Brown says that "good things" are coming, without getting specific. Perhaps some tea leaf reading is appropriate for die-hard fans. Here's an extended transcript of his comments in 2008, when I asked him about the future of the show, including some Brown statements that might be clues.

I asked him:

I saw that your contract calls for some specials. Are you going to go a little Edward R. Murrow on us there?

He said:

"If given the opportunity, yeah. I have said for a few years that I would like to do more serious - I don't mean serious, as in boring - things that really look at things.

Sustainability, and some of those other food issues.

If it is a concern about food, if it is an issue pertaining to food, it is suitable and appropriate for the Food Network to deal with it. Whether it's sustainability, or green this or green that, whatever it is. I'd love to see Food Network as being the place where people who have any question about food can go. Whether it's current events, or making a wedding cake. Or political ramifications of different things.

But the thing that we have to do is that we also have to make it entertaining. That's the challenge. And I think it's a good challenge. It's one of the things I'm most looking forward to, the next decade of my career."

See the rest here.


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