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Buffalo food truck law under discussion

In today's News, City Hall reporter Brian Meyer reports that city officials have talked about writing a law permitting food trucks, but thorny issues remain before they're declared legit.

"The food truck movement has long-term potential in Buffalo, according to (City Council Member Joseph) Golombek and others. The city lawmaker held a meeting in late April with some entrepreneurs and permit officials.

City License Director Patrick Sole Jr. stressed the importance of devising regulations that address a variety of concerns. One provision would likely require food trucks to be at least 100 feet from any restaurant, unless the establishment is closed. Mobile food vendors also would be prohibited from setting up too close to festivals and other special events unless they have been approved by event sponsors."

Coming a few days after Buffalo Police reportedly shut down The Whole Hog truck on Allen Street, the article and accompanying video explores the food truck situation in Buffalo. After Lloyd the taco truck rumbled onto the scene last year, lots more potential operators have considered opening mobile kitchens.

But the absence of a law regulating food trucks leaves them confined to private property, even if they pass all required health department inspections.


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