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Amy's Place celebrates 30th by giving to St Luke's

Amy's Place, the vegetarian-friendly neighborhood restaurant across Main Street from the University at Buffalo (3234 Main St., 832-6666) has been a home away from home to generations of students and Heights residents. The lentilberry sandwich and "wet shoes" french fries are classic favorites in a menu that roams from vegan breakfasts to sausage links and Middle Eastern dishes like falafel.

Today, it's celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding by Amy Betros, who now runs St. Luke's Mission of Mercy, 325 Walden Ave., with co-director Norm Paolini. The mission serves people in need in one of Buffalo's neediest areas, helping them get food, shelter and educational help.

In support of St. Luke's, the restaurant is giving the day's proceeds to the mission, said current Amy's Place owner Greg Kempf, who's run the restaurant for 15 years. "I thought it would benefit them, and raise awareness of St. Luke's," he said.


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