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Enjoy Persian, Kurdish favorites at Hertel restaurant

Newroz ryaz hawramy 
Ryaz Hawramy presents a plate of grilled delights.

My review of Newroz Market, in today's Gusto, explores the offerings of this Hertel restaurant, run by some folks from Kurdistan. I don't know a lot about the fine points of Persian food, but I found their chicken tika kabobs irresistible.

Another dish I enjoyed I've never seen before. Sabzi khoreshty looked like a spinach-based Indian dish but had a rich, tangy flavor from spinach, parsley, cilantro and dried lemons, cooked with hunks of lamb.

Vegetarians might still stop by for the falafel, which was crispy and fluffy inside, despite being less aggressively seasoned than some of my favorite versions.


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