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Local strawberries starting; most two weeks away

Get your baskets ready, because local strawberries, one of Western New York's most anticipated fruit offerings, should be here in force by the weekend of Sat., June 18 despite the rainy weather.

A few quarts are coming to farmers' markets tomorrow, but there might not be enough to make it past the early-bird customers. I checked with a few local strawberry hotspots, and got a range of answers. If you want to know what youtr favorite place is doing, call or check their website.

At Greg's U-Pick (9270 Lapp Road, Clarence Center, 741-4239), they're saying June 18 for u-pick, call back to be sure.

Thorpe's Organic Family Farm (12866 Rt. 78 (Strykersville Rd.) East Aurora) says about June 10 for their organic u-pick, but check the website to be sure.

The Lexington Co-op expects to get local strawberries in by about June 14. Just in time for the co-op's strawberry canning class (.pdf) on June 16.


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