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Here's the 2011 Taste of Buffalo you missed

Huge crowds took advantage of the sunny Saturday and Sunday to cruise the offerings of more than 60 restaurants and wineries. The award-winning restaurants were announced Saturday (at bottom of story).

If you missed the Taste, by choice or happenstance, here's some stories and pictures from participants.

They might make you hungry, but you don't have to worry about getting trapped behind a double stroller while a kid spills gumbo on your shirt.

At Buffalo Spree, Christa Glennie Seychew has oodles of pictures and the results of the Nickel City Chef culinary competitions, including Battle Taco, for which I was one of four judges. We were burdened with the task of evaluating a taco of grilled marinated skirt steak and buttered lobster versus a taco of lobster with fresh mango salsa. Tough job.

Don Burtless of Buffalo Eats got into the action as well, getting viewers inside the job of Taste of Buffalo judge in this video. As judge, this ambitious eater has to try everything from multiple restaurants, a "kid in the candy store" dream.

Natalie Eats Buffalo offers pictures and reviews of some dishes, with raves for Papi's roast pork and Chester's Cajun Grill.


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